who we are not

Founded in 2013, American Independent Harley Riders Club (AIHRC) is a law-abiding, safety conscius independent riding club of Harley-Davidson Motorcycle riders.  More than that, we are a large family, and not only do we ride but we also have social events, and participate in selected local charity functions.  

Our club is more than a club, it is a tight-knit family of people from all walks of life, ranging in many ages and skills.

We are NOT affiliated with any MC, RC, or other motorcycle organization of any kind.

We are NOT a HOG chapter.  Although most of our members have their foundation in HOG, and all of our members are required to be active National HOG Members, we wanted our club to be more than a buy-in club, we want our members to show the pride they feel being a member of a private club.

Who we are

Our members love to ride their Harleys.  Typical rides include: Vermont and back in a day for ice cream, Boston for "chowdah",  or we just take a cruise around town and take 4 hours to get to the coffee shop in the next town over.  Some of our rides are overnight(s) or multiple days.  We have rides scheduled every weekend the weather lets us.  We have parties when the ride is over, and  we also participate in select charity functions.  

We hope you love to ride as well, and if you do why not come join in our adventures?  Go ahead, hit the Contact button... you know you want to!

WHAt we do