We hope you will come and share our love of the open road with us.  We have only just begun our adventure - come along for the RIDE!

Our Club Motto that we live by:


Our story

In 2013 our local HOG Chapter disbanded.  Many of the people in that chapter though had become a close-knit group of friends - many members had been there for 12 years or more!  So the leaders of that chapter decided to form an Independent Riding Club, and AIHRC was born.  The group was so close, and so loyal to each other that AIHRC had 42 members on Day 1.

It has been a wild couple of years for us - we have grown some, we have lost some members too.  It's taken some time for us to figure out what we are about, and how the club should work - what we liked about previous experiences, and what we didn't, and adapt the club to get to where it is today.  In the midst of it all is of course the riding.  Every weekend you will usually find a group of our bikes getting together for one trip or another.  We've taken some big trips - in 2014 10 bikes rode to Kentucky by way of the Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee, and 18 of us rode to Sturgis, SD in 2015.  We can do those trips because we feel that if you are in our Club, you are part of our family.

​Our club is currently based in Western Connecticut, where there are some of the most beautiful roads and areas to ride around.  Twisties are all over, and we try to find them all!